Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free tickets from the USA to NZ for my garage sale tomorrow!

Get real. That's like saying that the Senate will pass all of Obama's bill re gun control from now on. Now, back to reality. I am having a garage sale and it will be tomorrow, Sunday NZ time from 8am. at 2/19 Raurenga Ave, Royal Oak. Yes, you are welcome from all over the world, but particularly, Auckland. Four households have combined at my dear friend Margaret's place. There's junk galore plus a few goodies. We are almost giving away TV's that will o longer work when the digital switch occurs, but there's about a year left and you can use a box converter if you really wanna stick with the 'old.' If they don't sell we shall give them to the SPCA. Actually, that is what we will do if people are real bastards and try to know us down too far. Our prices after all are already ridiculously low. Take for example my two 'steaming machines, They are worth about $300 all up and I shall be selling them for a tenth of that. There will be books, bric-a-brac, clothing, and an old style hair dressing thing that sits on your head, a pasta steaming set and whatever else I can get my mates to pull out of their cupboards. If things go well, I shall come back home and go completely nuts and bring heaps more stuff. Once in the grove we are unstoppable. Maybe we have some sort of mental deficiency for the prices we are charging. Anything that hasn't sold by about midday will be going down to the SPCA and the local hospice so if anyone gets mean then they can f----oops!  Come and have a look and if it looks like we are enjoying ourselves, then join in. We may be sipping hot soup!
OH, for those idiots who think they will get an early start on us---as Mrs Brown says---'you can feck off!

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