Friday, March 8, 2013

Just wondering---let me know

Hey, who's reading m blogs in the UK? I know my dear niece is but the UK is catching other countries up real fast and I am absolutely wrapped. Keep it up and better still, make some comments. Come on, where's that wonderful UK humour. I just watched three in a row on TV again---Miranda, Mrs Brown's Son and Citizen Khan. Bloody fantastic.


  1. Your niece is definitely a true avid blog reader of yours and I do love Mrs Browns Boys. I also like Leverage too. Keep up the healthy eating maybe you should ask your bloggers readers for healthy tips on how to lose weight and recipes. Instead of walking the dog take up jogging to raise the heartbeat to burn those unhealthy calories! Keep up the good work!

  2. MMMMM--if i ran now I would get arrested for the 'indecent' flippoing of my man boobs. I am ona dieteicna/specialist controlled Optifats diet prior to having my surgery so I am ot starying fomr it without thier advice. Running is not important and the walking is alot more than what most people do. I shall persist with everything except the bloody awful soups. Apparnetly it doesnt matter which of the three things I use; bars, soups or shakes. They contain everything I need in my VLCD (VLCD). I love the usggestions for low calorie soups though becuase I can have two cups a day of those.