Friday, March 8, 2013

Fiji--you can't have it both ways!

Fiji prides itself in the work it does for the UN as a ‘peace keeper.’ Fiji earns a good deal of money from this ‘service.’ The money repatriated to Fiji is a significant earner and many families benefit form Fiji’s excellent work in many countries.

That Fijis leader ‘supports’ the actions of his security force as exhibited in the video that has done the rounds recently says much about him as a leader and for the future of this beautiful nation. He claims that the so-called escaped prisoners terrorized the people of Fiji after they had robbed a bank,’ is enough reason for the barbaric treatment of these ‘prisoners.’

The very least he could have done would have been to distance himself and order an inquiry. He says he doesn’t care about the attitudes of NGOs who have criticized Fiji. Fiji’s neighbours must speak out and not be cowered by his actions and New Zealand should reconsider any aid heading Fiji’s way in times of trouble.

However, NZ does not take a hard line with Fiji; not one that matches the actions of this Government. That is because we have a strong relationship with the people of Fiji and we are reluctant to hurt the ordinary people. It is the power hungry leaders that we should (and do) target. One is left with the feeling that a great deal more of barbarism exists in Fiji, but it is well hidden.

The images we have seen in recent days should act as a timely reminder that we have a sister nation in the Pacific that is reluctant to adhere to decent and fair standards. Then again, they join a list of nations who go a great deal further down that line. One day Fiji will arrive at a point where once again, tourists will be able to travel to the Isle of Fiji and enjoy the wondrous hospitality of the people, knowing that they are led by a ‘kinder hand.’
So, Fiji, join the family of Pacific nations with pride, not with the behaviours that are the opposite of the image you ,like to portray.

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