Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Zealand through to the finals of the the World Softball Champs

Yes, New Zealand will most likely be playing Venezuela this afternoon for the World Softball Championships in Auckland. Unless Australia pulls something incredible out of the bag that is, and we all know they are capable of that. I am writing this blog at the bottom of the 6th innings and Venezuela is winning two nil.
Auckland is a buzzy place this weekend with the huge Pacifica festival (the largest in the world), the massive 'Round the Bays run,' the Kumea Festival and to top it all off there will be a huge crowd at Eden Park (the Home of the the finals for the last Rugby World Cup in 2011).
Underlying all this is the beautiful weather that most of NZ has enjoyed (but not the farmers) for the past three months; day after day of sunny weather; beach going weather (excpet for those at the beach on that terrible day last week when a man was killed by a shark----so rare in NZ) and just 'get out and enjoy the day' kind of weather.
As I write this blog, Venezuela is putting the final touches ot their victory. The final between  NZ and Venezuela will be on at 1.00pm NZ time. Check it out---just Google it and I am sure it will be online.
Perdy, you are just going to have to wait for your afternoon walk!
PS  Venezuela just own 2 nill against the World Champion Australians. Now it's down to NZ to bring home the bacon!

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