Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jeremy Clarkson likens New Zealand to the 'Holy Land.!

I know New Zealanders have a ‘small town’ mentality at times and they get quite uptight when any criticism from a visiting dignitary hits the headlines. When John Cleese reported on a recent visit that Palmerston North (a University City, just north of Wellington) was a good place to commit suicide the citizens and mayor of the ‘afflicted’ city were aghast and probably would have launched a Jihad against him if they came from another continent.

Well now they have reason to forgive the enigmatic Cleese because Jeremy Clarkson has come to their ‘holy aid.’ The popular star of Top Gear has just completed a visit to New Zealand and his praise has indeed been a ‘cup runnething over’ with words of liquid poetry.

He loves the green beauty of Auckland (OMG---was he blind--- we are in the middle of the worst drought in decades?). Perhaps he was partaking in something else of the same colour he thought he saw.

Oh well, New Zealand needs favourable comments from the ‘Old Country’ as we once so fondly called the UK, so bring it on Jeremy. ‘Middle Earth’ thanks you from the bottom of our Hobbit hearts. Perhaps the Jesus connection will ring true to a few here too and the little dwellings at Matamata would have made a great setting for that ‘special day’ more than two millennium ago!

Thanks, Jeremy.

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