Monday, March 18, 2013

Cruise ship and rail link--use our resources wisely.

I am not that astute at making money, otherwise I would have been well retired by now, sitting somewhere writing my blogs and books. That has a nice ring to it I reckon.
I just had a thought when I saw a picture of the huge Queen Mary sliding under magnificent peaks on a southern fiord in New Zealand. I thought---‘why on earth are we not using the large number of cruise ships visiting New Zealand every year to generate flow on affects? I am sure that there are companies out there who are offering ‘day trips’ and various other adventures, but would it not be wise to use our main railway links to support that visit, by off-loading people and taking them on a leisurely trip down the Main Trunk lines. The passengers could leave the train and seek out further short term destinations too; finally meeting up with their ships at ports like Wellington and Littleton (and Dunedin too of course). Then there are the various regional ports that could jump aboard, so to say, all benefiting from the idea.’
OK, I know that modern cruise lines have a very tight time frame so I guess it would have to just be the Main Trunk line that could be used at first. The splendid scenery along the North Island and Southern lines would only serve to both enhance the experience for the passengers and give a boost to the failing New Zealand railway service. Of course to gain legs, this idea would need to see a bit of an investment into our railway system.
Is it not worth a bit of an investigation?

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