Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Drug King believes he can buy his way out of a prison sentence

Hell no! Why should this Hamilton 'business man' be able to lesson his custodial sentence simply because he is in a position to pay to the Sate some of the proceedes from his crime. How mnay lives has he been instrumental in destroying? How many young people has he lured kinto his dark world and then hid behind a mantle of respectability? The law is lax and an ass if it allows him to escpae the consequences of his actions. He made the choice to build up his empire in the drug world and he knew that lives would be damaged. He didn't care about the victims of his crimes so why should we now be forgiving and allow him an easy road. If we were tougher on the 'people' at the top of this criminal chain, then ,aybe we could make even bigger inroads inot world of crime generally. Partofhis punishemnet should be an enforced 'observation' he has done to countless lives. If he wants to counter my argument by saying that they hade a choice, then I say---so too did he!

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