Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Use the 'frozen' assets to go after the criminals!

The police in New Zealand are doing a wonderful job to curtail the activities of the drug lord criminals. That they have had $5 million worth of assets frozen in one of their latest raids on alleged drug dealers just shows how much these parasites on society have made. I bet it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total figure of money made from the illicit drug trade.
Once a criminal’s guilt has been confirmed, the ‘State’ should go after every conceivable asset of those convicted. If that leaves their families without expensive housing and the children no longer being able to attend expensive private schools, then so be it. The great majority of society makes do with much less.
The money and assets garnered from illegal activity of all kinds must be earmarked for the fight against these people who cause so much damage in society and then if we do get on top of the worst aspects of this trade, then concentrate on other forms of crime; perhaps that at the lower end of the scale. After all, is it not true that if we ‘catch them young’ and put in the resources to change behaviours, then are we not bringing about new possibilities for our young people? Our police must be well resourced, at all levels and any money we ‘invest’ in preventing criminal behaviour is a savings further down the road.
I am not just talking about catching and punishing: I am also saying that we must look at successful ways used overseas to ‘rehabilitate’ early offenders. To help with this, lest ‘strip the assets’ in every from from those at the top who have for so long damaged lives. Let us hope that we read more about the successes of our hard-working police force. Just a note of caution though; we do not want to the scenes on TV from the Sydney Price March replicated here in NZ. So there is a balance, but for the most part, the New Zealand Police enjoy the support of the vast majority of New Zealanders.

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