Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"They took my Pocket knife,' says embattled NZ First MP.

Is this guy, Prosser for real? It is claimed that he was upset when his pocket knife was taken when he tried to board a plane. Apparently this was enough for him to launch into his diatribe against Muslims. If his knife was taken, that in his mind is enough for him to demand that ‘Western’ airlines should ban all men between the ages of 19 and 35, who look like Muslims from boarding flights.
He launched his ridiculous rantings in a magazine in New Zealand (that most people have probably never heard) of a few weeks later. One wonders at the editorial policy of the magazine and is left wondering if it was all about ‘circulation rather than being mouthpiece for serious discussion. I will not even name the magazine, because the last thing I want to do is to add to their numbers.
I have another cynical observation to make. The leader of New Zealand First, the party in parliament to which Prosser belongs, somewhere way down the list, has been measured in his response. Mr Peters (leader) has fallen short of apologizing for his wayward member’s comments. He almost appears to be distancing himself although he did make some comments about the silliness of Prosser’s ravings, but we are left with the distinct impression that the old ‘war-dog,’ Peters, is once again making a calculated move. He knows that at least 5% of the voting public will be agreeing with Prosser and that any losses from the Party will be more than made up by the bigots who share Prosser’s views.
Call me what you will, but think carefully about the above statement. We have seen it before in relation to ‘election time’ sensationalism.  I bet Mr Peters tells Prosser off, not for his statements, but more about when he made them. The silly bugger should have waited until just before the next election!
 In the meantime, NZ is attracting unpleasant and unwanted attention, all because a dopey twit was pissed off and ‘spat the dummy’ over a pocket knife. We do need to be concerned about our ‘image,’ but hopefully sane heads will prevail and see the ‘Prosser-talk’ for what it is----trash.

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