Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why are you all being so mean to Hekia Parata?

Day after day, week after week, I read your terrible slating(s) of Ms Hekia Parata. Your words drip with venom and you paint a picture of a lady who has sold her soul to the devil. This cannot be! Her heart is in the right place, presumably somewhere inaccessible to the plaudits she should be receiving for the wonderful work she has done at the behest of the National Party.
Stop throwing stones at this wonderful person, who has vision and a plan to lift New Zealand kids to new heights, especially if they are lucky enough to attend private schools that need ‘refurbishment, and even more so if they are about to attend one of her new pet projects the Charter Schools. Yes I know she had another name for them but it completely eludes me at the moment. After all I am still so angry at you for denigrating Ms Parata for her attempts to make New Zealand even more elitist for the chosen few.
Go back to your pens and construct praise where praise is due. Just don’t forget the vast majority of the students who will not benefit from her much vaunted vision for New Zealand. Oh---don’t forget the wonderful system, Nova Pay, which has ably assisted in her determination to pay teachers, support Staff and others what she thinks they richly deserve----stuff all!

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