Monday, February 11, 2013

North Korea's 'big dump.' Something doesn't smell too good.

While many of its citizens live at levels reminiscent of conditions in Third World Nations; often hungry and cold, North Korea embarks on a stupid, pointless and dangerous pathway. Just who is it that is threatening this Asian nation; certainly not its southern Neighbour and even less likely, Japan or China.

Why then does its third megalomaniac leader in a row, (Sorry, I ain’t gonna call him ‘Dear Leader’) showing all the signs of being divorced from reality, insist on developing a nuclear capacity and a method of delivering his new ‘toy.’ All references to childhood and toys aside, this latest development is one that could endanger a huge swath of humanity in its hellish possibilities.

This time, even China has upset the ‘mad man’ of North Korea through its response that for once takes a real swipe at its errant neighbour. If NK is allowed to go down its present pathway, more than just its neighbours will be at risk. Furthermore, if NK extends its bourgeoning relationship with another whako regime; namely that in Iran, then surely the whole world must turn their attention to finding a solution to this ‘otherworldly’ problem.

Are we going to enact some sort of ‘Peace in Our Time’ scenario? Does not History teach us something? Come on China, Russia, Japan and the USA! ---Put your differences aside and ‘pull finger,’----the dike is about to break!

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