Monday, February 11, 2013

NZ First MP, Prosser is a tosser---ooops a prat!

I have often agreed with a good deal of NZ First’s policies and I  believe that they really do put ‘NZ first,’ but when one of their MPs came out with the load of crap that was reported in today’s NZ Herald, I wonder at the selection processes of the Party when it comes to making up their ‘list.’ Sure, they want a broad spectrum of candidates, but do they really want a bigot to represent them? Surely they knew enough about Mr Prosser and his way out views when they included him on their list. He can only do damage, both to the Party and to New Zealand as a whole.
No one likes terrorists but to make the links he as by saying that no Western Airline’ should let young Muslim men board their flights is patently stupid and totally discriminatory. I am not defending the extremist views of some sectors of Islam by making this statement and I deplore the actions of such groups, but there has to be a better way of keeping travellers safe, than banning a whole section of society from flying. Come to think about it and I am having trouble remembering when a flight was last bombed out of the sky by an Islamic terrorist. Most victims of extremist violence seem to be predominantly in Islamic nations.
Perhaps we need to look a little deeper at the utterances of Mr Prosser as he puts himself before the people at the next election. Sadly his views will attract a certain minority of NZers and we will wonder if Winston Peters is playing the same game he often does----that is, finding an issue that is almost guaranteed to attract enough voters to cross the threshold that is needed to gain seats in the New Zealand Parliament. Am I being a little cynical, perhaps? Come on NZ First; if you wish to attain a level of credibility and remain mainstream, cut he idiots from your party.

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  1. Good to see Mr Prosser meeting with the couple who had invited him into thier home for a meal. Good to see that he showed some backbone and was genuiine in his apology. Now, Mr Prosser, keep learnong and spread the word. Take each perosn as you find them and don;t denigrate a group or a religion before yu fully undersatnd it or at least try to learn. Keep it up and you will yet be a good MP.