Sunday, February 10, 2013

Melita Dean's big Marlin

Do you recall a blog I did on Melita's big cath; no , not the 'catch of the day'----it took her ten years to achive. Melita had it smoked and today she brought the results into work. She had some little packets of it in her freezer bag and some dip, which was quite creamy and with a slight tomato flavour. I have to say that both products were 'simply the best smoked fish I have ever had.' For some reason I was expectng the fish to be dry, given the large size of the fish. I was wrong. It was melt in your mouth stuff. I asked if I could buy some and out of her bag came another packet. I shall savour it this weekend with my friends and family.
After my Bariatirc surgery, I may not be able to eat such wonderful food; you just don;t know with these things, but the fact that I have tried it now makes me feel damned good. Thanks Melita. You are one hell of a woman and I hope you don't have to wait for another ten years. I hope you havn't spoilt my taste for other smoked fish now!  Guess what---- Melita doesn't like it!

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