Sunday, February 10, 2013

Masterchef--maybe the contestants should watch previous shows

What is it with some contestants and their inablitity to get the 'seasoning right?' It was sad to see a young guy thrown out, after having had a second chance to make ammends. He over-salted and peppered his dish. Why didn't he watch previous shows and learn the lesson---you must not under or over season a dish. He wasn't alone in that 'failing.' Is it that the contestants just guess or do they have no idea. Lets face it; there is a tendancy for many people and countless processed foods to be over-salted. With all the publicity and a history of  people leaving the show for such transgressions, one would think they would have learnt, but no; they continue to chuck in the salt, possibly not testing and hope for the best. Obvioulsy that stance leads to failure and exlcusion. Learn the lesson well, remaining contestants!

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