Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fingers of 'fill' push out into the Manukau Harbour.

I drive past the big machinery everyday alongside the South Western motorway, more often than not, four times as I take Perdy for her daily walk/manic run. I am excited by the progress and I can’t wait to see the completed $30 million worth of beaches and parks.

Onehunga has long been the poor cousin when it comes to spending money on its ‘lost beaches.’ That is all changing as the trucks and heavy machinery are pushing out into the sea and the shape of things to come emerges.

My only worries are that the ‘dogs’ have access (yes even if it is restricted, much like what happens on Takapuna Beach during Summer time hours and that the water quality allows for safe swimming. My research tells me that the Manukau Harbour is safe enough these days, except after it has rained heavily. Is this not the same on the Waitemata beaches, especially on the North Shore?

Keep up the good work, contractors and we shall all benefit from a rejuvenated Onehunga Foreshore.
It's a start, but a good start.

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