Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are not winning the war on 'P' (Methamthetamine) in New Zealand!

I had been led to believe that New Zealand was winning the ‘war on ‘P’ but apparently my understanding is wrong, according to a confidential Police report that is now public. I had thought that efficient policing combined with an attitudinal change has been instrumental in this scourge on our society waning. Sadly, it seems my perceptions are based on inaccurate reports I have been reading in the news media.

If anyone knows the truth I think that it would be the police. Day after day they are observers of our society as well as guardians for the safety of our nation. The police are not seeing a drop in the use of ‘P,’ despite their efforts to curtail this evil drug. Families are still being torn apart, business put at risk and our young people are still being enticed into this ‘dark world.’ ‘P’ figures as a contributing factor for many of the burglaries and other crimes that beset every corner of our country.

The late Sir Paul Holmes was a tireless fighter in the battle against ‘P.’ I had been meaning to send him a copy of my book, ‘Roskill,’ but I never got around to it. Others need to take up the challenge.  ‘Roskill’ is about a family struggling with the results of a member who has entered the world of ‘P’ and how it self-destructs. It is only when Moana,’ the mum decides to fight back that there is any hope. This could be any family in any country. What would you do if you faced that terrible ‘truth?’

‘Roskill’ is primarily written for teenagers, but parents should read it too. It contains a message of hope and at asks the big question---what would you do?

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