Monday, February 18, 2013

The third version of Roskill will be out soon!

Yes, it’s true. I am having Roskill re-edited yet again, this time by a well-known editor, Richard Stratford. We are down-sizing it so that it will appeal to the teenage market. Everyone knows that getting kids to read these days is becoming a real battle, hence overly long books (that’s anything over 70,000) just don’t cut it.

You can look forward to the new slimmed down version, with the errors expunged, ready to be launched with at our younger readers in mind. It will still appeal to parents, but the message will be more concise. Watch out for my announcement. I am hoping to reach out to the school ‘class text’ market. Roskill is aimed at young people who live under the threat of a parent who chooses to use ‘P,’ (Methamphetamine). Parents should read it to better understand the ramifications of their use of this scourge on New Zealand society. Check out my website for updates re Roskill. The older version is still for sale. You can buy my books from the site or direct from me  

If you don’t want to buy, then check out your local library for my books. Ask and they may buy.

1)     ‘Coastal Yarns,’ by Neil Coleman

2)    ‘Roskill,’ by Neil Coleman

3)    ‘Talk To Me,’ by Neil Coleman

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