Monday, February 18, 2013

The Harawiras, led by a 'gentle granny.'

I have been aware of the Harawira Family (Whanau) for more than three decades, dating back to the infamous time at the old Carrington ‘institution,’ that was led by the ‘gentle granny.’ She came in for a torrid time in the media as she was exposed for the bully she was. It seems that nothing has changed for the family as yet another incident; this time by relations of Titiwhai, all members of a so-called anti-violence organization.
There are reports that Titiwhai is extremely angry at the reported beating of a 12 year old child who apparently ‘mouthed’ something at the young men, who had been drinking at a nearby gathering. It must be very difficult for Hone as well. He has made a strong stand against violence along with his partner. Just when he was on the verge of gaining some respect for the work he has done, re his anti-smoking and anti-violence stance, this comes along.
We must remember, that family ties may be strong, but that is no guarantee that some members may act in a thuggish manner and that all of the Whanau should not be dragged into the resulting furore and that the ‘good work can continue. Deep down, I think that Titiwhai is a ‘gentle granny’ and that the media just loves to find the cracks on the family. What other family in New Zealand comes in for so much attention? Yes, you have to think, don’t you? Still, if you put yourself in that position by the actions of family members---well the pigeons do come home to roost, don’t they!

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