Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The downing of Mainzeal---should we support them?

The Government (us the taxpayers) has intervened when it suited them re financial institutions as the latter made a habit of folding so why not give support to large firms that employ many people and make sure that they can continue. Mainzeal plays a major role in the 'building industry' and has many fethers in its cap. Maybe I am missing the point somewhere about why they have arrived at their present predicament, but surely a  'helping hand' at times like this will ensure that we keep our 'skilled workers' on the job. Will we regret a 'hands-off' approach sometime down the line, when it is even harder to find firms for the Christchurch rebuild and the revitalzing Auckland market.
How has such an iconic company arrived at such a position, at a time when we need the 'projects' that thye are working on. Do these projects now go on the back burner? Is this not a good reason for 'taxpayer' backing to come into fore. After all, we are talking about real services and bricks and mortor, quite different to the fiance companies that we have backed, with much of 'their' profits going overseas. Let's support NZ companies  that produce NZ results and products, that bennifit NZers.

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