Thursday, February 7, 2013

Farmer jailed for cruelty to animals---about time!

We regularly read about instances of cruelty to animals. All of them are sad to read and some are almost unbelievable, especially when such examples involve valuable farm animals. One wonders why a farmer would be cruel to his ‘income producing’ stock. How is that going to increase his wealth?’
The economic ramifications are not as important as the actual dead. That someone could treat any animal in a cruel fashion says a lot about the person. Would they also treat family members the same way? There is a high correlation between how a young child treats animals and other life forms and how they go onto interact with their fellow human beings in later life.
For many years we have seen the SPCA take people to court, but rarely is there a jail-term imposed on the offender. Sometimes the nation has been shocked and the perpetrator has virtually gotten off without any serious consequences for their actions.
Now that a judge is considering jail time for a recent event, maybe other judges will follow suit. How we treat out animals says a lot about us as a nation. Let this latest example be seen as a ‘watershed,’ in the welfare of our animals.

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