Thursday, February 7, 2013

Italian voters ---I hope you do not have short memories!

Since WW2 Italy has had dozens of Governments, some of them with a very short life. In later years, Berlusconi has featured in quite a few of them. He is also in the position of controlling a good deal of Italy’s media and has unashamedly used this to push his own political agenda. At the other end of the scale he has been tainted re a range of issues, almost too many to list.
I am sure that we could call him ‘shady’ to say the least in New Zealand. We would simply not trust him. Now we have the prospect of him leading yet another Government. I can only make a plea to Italians to search their memoires about this guy and when they vote in a few weeks, take into account his recent history. Can you really trust this guy? Can you not see that he is once again manipulating the media and offering outright bribes to the rich and middle-classes? Do you not learn from history?
I hope that for the sake of the nation that you choose wisely on Election Day. I do however feel for you, as your political past has been turbulent and I do not see any evidence of a ‘rising star,’ so do your best. Italy will have its place in the sun no matter who you chose and the people will eventually root out that which corrupts.

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