Friday, January 4, 2013

Perdy the Jack Russell stars in her own book!

Well, she didn't write it---- but I did and I changed her name to Spot. Hell, even a dog deserves some privacy but she just can't stay out of the lime-light. When her Dad, Garry, a 'talk back host' becomes the target of a publicity scheme gone worng, the ladies in the Onehunga Walkers Club team up and fight back. NO one---yes no one will harm a hair of Spot's lean and mean frame. Will she survive her ordeal? Find out. Buy a copy of 'Talk To Me.' I will of course sign and date it. NZ$23 and free postage in NZ. $8P&P if posted to Australia. Elswhere?-- Negotiable. Get in touch direct at   or go through my website using Paypal.

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