Friday, January 4, 2013

French actors have hiisy-fits and gain Russian Passports!

What the hell are these two icons of the French and indeed world film industry trying to achieve by fleeing to Russia? What do they hope to gain other than a few weeks of publicity? Do they really think that life, if they choose to live in Russia will be a freedom filled delight? Just watch what happens if they find ‘causes’ to fight in Russia. They won’t have to look far, but then again we have seen such acts in Soviet times, whereby Western ‘runners’ found a place and then virtually disappeared from sight. Maybe the old regime used them from time-to-time but for the most part, they just became ‘has-beens.’

Ms Bardot’s hissy-fits about two elephants is maybe a bit over the top. Methinks that she will not follow through. She has made her point, but then again, she is an ‘aging’ beauty and maybe that is cause for her to hide from the prying eyes of a cruel press. As for the elephants, I wish them well in their fight against tuberculosis.

The other dude---well he wants to escape the higher tax rates of the new French Government. Perhaps he has made a deal with the ‘New Russia.’ I suspect that high rollers there all do! You know what--- nothing has really changed, no matter what the colour of the Government---in every country. ‘Oh so cynical,’ you say. The gap between rich and poor is forever widening and the quest for power and influence and retaining one’s ‘privilege’ is an age old fact. Would I be any different if I sold ten million books?  LOL----who knows?

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