Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kim Dotcom--Are you doing it legally this time?

Kim Dotcom is no doubt a dramatic and publicity seeking person. That in itself is not bad or illegal. His massive launch tonight of his new site; one that apparently acts like a ‘cloud’ system and allows people to upload information and data, without his company’s ‘knowledge, will be one to remember.’ Apparently he is not the first to go down this route but the difference is that he comes with ‘history’ and a story.

People are naturally attracted to his style and while there are still unanswered charges, I suspect that he is going to do well. KI may even check it out and see what happens.

We all know he exposed a very inefficient attempt on the part of a ‘collusive act’ by our police (Government) and the FBI to call him to task. That they failed (so far) and caused a great deal of embarrassment to their reputation is a moot point. I cannot make a call on who is right or wrong in the continuing saga, but one thing is for sure----KDC is not going to lie down and wait until the matter is resolved. He is going to have a huge ‘bash’ tonight at his mansion outside Auckland and the world’s media will be there lapping it all up---like ‘lapdogs.’ Who really are the ‘suckers’ in all of this drama?

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