Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fireworks on a dry hot summer night----bloody crazy!

Last night there was a serious fire on Mt Eden, which threatened nearby houses. It is thought it may have been caused by fireworks. We already know that for the days around Guy Fawkes Night, there are the inevitable fires and danger re injury, but at this time of the year the potential risk are much more serious. Public displays are the only way to go, whether it is for Guy Fawkes or other celebratory occasions.

Surely during a dry hot summer it is absolute madness to allow individuals to let off fireworks. The inherent danger to people and property is obvious. We do not need bush fires and there is enough to raise the danger level, without the human element re idiots who do not take necessary precautions to prevent ‘accidents.

Have we not arrived at a time where the need for fireworks should be limited to ‘public display’ only? We now have Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Chinese New Year and Matariki and I am sure there are other ‘festivals’ that will assume importance as NZ becomes even more ethnically diverse. It is great to have celebrations but we have to consider the greater need for public safety. We can still celebrate with beautiful fireworks, but lets be a bit more sensible and have those ‘who know what they are doing’ create the display. Unfortunately, all one needs for a ‘disaster in the making is, weather conditions, alcohol fuelled stupidity and ignorance re safety features to all combine and we are all the losers. We also have the days of loud explosions, casing mayhem to our animal friends.


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