Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rally around your police, Dargaville!

A few days ago, a tiny minority endangered both the police and the reputation of Dargaville. Two things have happened since to avoid this. One, people have come forward as witnesses to the event and the other; technology had bitten the bums of people who filmed the deplorable attack on the police. The police have seized several phones, using the evidence to build up a case against the people who attacked the police.

I can still hear the cries of some of the drunken party-goers who claim that the police caused the vent by pepper-spraying a nine year old (accidentally) and tazering another person. Once again I say that these revellers were setting themselves up for the police action and that it is they who caused the problems that resulted.

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us. Are we once again going to see the ‘ugly side of our nation?’ I hope not. The fact that the weather may put a damper on outside activities just means that the problems will move indoors. OK, have fun, but know your limits or at least look after one another and that includes those vested in keeping us all safe?

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