Thursday, December 27, 2012

China won't be able to read my blogs soon!

Some would say that living in China is becoming increasingly ‘cool’ and that  for many, life is improving. You can even be a billionaire. There are probably more billionaires in China than in the USA! But all this comes at a cost.

Do not criticise the venerable Communist Party if you want to get on in life. Do not have strong ‘alternate’ opinions,’ if you value your freedom. Do not read blogs critical of the ‘Peoples Party’ or you may run a risk of having your freedom curtailed. Apart from these ‘constrictions’ on life, you can have a good life in the ‘New China.’

The new leaders are apparently going to tighten up access to the internet, so I guess the days of some sort of social networking freedom are about to end. Goodbye my China readers, but your indomitable will to have your say and to have access to the world is not something that your Government will be able to completely cut. I am sure that you know how to use various ‘proxy sites,’ and that you know how to subvert the efforts of those who lead you. Go for it!

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