Friday, December 14, 2012

North Korea's crazy Kim baths in 'glory' while his people starve!

The scenes of ‘forced celebration’ in North Korea are enough to make me want to puke. This psychopath leads a starving population and seeks aid from neighbours and the West while his people go hungry. The hordes of soldiers and other citizens look entirely fake as they are paraded across our TV screens.
How can this man spend billions on an unnecessary ‘space programme’ that is nothing more than a front to manufacture a nuclear ‘deterrent?’
China, Kim’s neighbour stands by with this threat on its borders and makes comments that reflect its inability to come to terms with the ramifications of a nuclear capable despotic regime. When China finally wakes up it will be under the shadow of a mushroom cloud.
The UN and major powers protest and say ‘there will be consequences.’ What the hell does that mean; make the suffering people of North Korea starve even more? Kim knows this and uses the sympathy of the world to manufacture aid while he continues to pursue his dangerous dream.
That the people of North Korea are unable to fight against their ‘Emperor,’ is sad. They are too down trodden to organize meaningful resistance. The best they can hope for is to escape---to anywhere, because ‘anywhere is better than there.’

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