Friday, December 14, 2012

My day has been consumed by sadness--Iv'e got to take Perdy out.

The horrifying event in Connecticut has totally consumed my day. I have strong feelings of sadness and anger; not sure which one is to the fore. I see the usual comments on Facebook about Americans’ having a Constitutional given right to bear arms. They also have to endure massacre after massacre of their young people and those who try to protect them.

The world has to watch along with the USA because most news networks are either based in the USA or have strong links to them. As tragic and mind numbing as these killings are, we should not forget the needless deaths in other countries, that occur through war, corruption, pollution and natural (and not so natural) disasters.

Americans will witness more and more of these events because their society (and that of many other countries, including NZ---it is a matter of scale) has evolved in a way that makes them possible. How many can be blamed on the Constitution is open to debate, but huge questions must be asked about how America sees guns.

For those who say that ‘mentally disturbed people need help and that such massacres will occur anyway,’ should think a little more outside their narrow reckonings. Surely if knives or other weapons were used, the killers could be stopped by the sheer force of the adults who are there to look after the (our) kids.

Yes, resources need to go into the management of individuals with mental health issues and we all know that such resources are incredibly hard to extract money from the tax paying public.

USA---we mourn for your dead, but please take a big hard long look at where things have progressed, simply because you feel that it is your inalienable right to bear arms.
I need to take a break from the TV and escort Perdy (my Jack Russell) to the Bay for her swim in the water (or mud if the tides out!).

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