Friday, December 7, 2012

Bariatric surgery appoinment next week (13th Dec) So here's my menu for tonight!

Yes, I the first of many appointments next week before I undergo Bariatric surgery. I am surprised that I haven’t attracted the comments along the line that I should go on a diet. Well let’s stop that in its track and say---If you haven’t managed to take weight off and keep it off by the time you are 40, then you won’t succeed unless you are in that group that has the luck, resolve, like torturing yourself and other ‘perfection characteristics,’ (Maybe less than 5% of you) then perhaps you may be having a discussion with your doctor.
I have looked up the ‘negatives online’ and spoken to quite a few people who have had one of the options available  for Bariatric Surgery and none of them regret their decision, because they did what they were told by their surgeons and support team. I am going to be in that group.
OK, in celebration and because I still can, here is a menu for a pre-bariatric dinner. It actually nods in the direction of saneness and if one does not have seconds, thirds and keeps the portions sensible--- well---go for it.
SOUP:  I made a chicken stock from scratch, using three raw carcasses and water. I strained it and removed any fat and then froze it until today. Place the stock in a large pot, throw in a bunch of cut up fresh asparagus, some shopped carrot and mushrooms along with a generous amount of garlic and ginger. Cook slowly for an hour or two and then salt to taste and add cracked pepper. Just before you serve (you can either smoothen it out with a blender of leave the veggies whole) add some fresh chervil, parsley and coriander---it’s up to you. If you feel really decadent—add a slop of cream to each bowl.
MAIN:  Marinade a shoulder of Lamb with Chilli, garlic and ginger paste along with any of your favourite sauces and a squeeze of lemon. Use your imagination or if you don’t have the courage, only use sauces you like with other things. I cooked mine in a large flying saucer-shaped earthen ware dish but an oven bag would be fine. Cut a pattern like you do for ham and rub the mixture well in. Cook it long, low and slow—maybe for3 hours at 150 and then take it out of the bag and rest. Serve with your favourite roasted root veggies and a green or two.
DESSERT: Crush your favourite biscuits (Cookies--- I used ginger nuts) on the bottom of a serving dish, then add some ready-made custard. Sprinkle a few frozen blueberries. Add some yogurt and finally any other berry you love. I used the Dew berries I grow in an old wine barrel.
Now, as long as you don’t go crazy, this meal is not so bad eh?
POST SURGERY? Well I shall just down size and then some---and then some more!

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