Friday, December 7, 2012

A message to whom I think is my only reader in China!

Hello my lonely reader in China. You are either someone who knows me from the time I used to host Chinese Language students at my home many years ago, or maybe you just stumbled on my blog. There is another possibility of course. A minion in the Communist Party is reading my blogs and then banning them because some of my messages accuse your party of being just a modern day dynasty. I have been critical of the human rights issue in China too, so I know that doesn’t go down well.
Hey, I criticise everybody and many ideals, including my own behaviours and beliefs, so as we say in NZ—‘don’t get your tits in a tangle!’ I admire much about what China has become. I am impressed by the way in which you have lifted hundreds of millions from poverty into the middle-classes.
I just wonder at your adherence though, to real Communist ideology. How can that co-exist alongside the new capitalism of the present? Perhaps we can say that it is reality politics, a uniquely Chinese way of meeting the needs of many, whilst retaining overall control of the policies and people.
I suspect that the many protests at the actions of Central and local Governments; the steam rolling of communities when massive infrastructure is built and the suppression of that wacky Fu long Gong movement, all sort of label the Party as being in the mould of Stalin’s Soviet Union, but then again, I believe that the Chinese people are capable of bringing about a change that fits China. The ‘new Green movement’ is one that will become stronger.
Now, why don’t you let my blog through, nice censorship man (Women don’t yet really figure on the upper echelons of power in China, despite what Communist ideology says!) Let people post their comments---I dare you. Please let me visit though. As I said before--- I admire so much about your journey, China.
Greetings from New Zealand--- that little blip in the South Pacific.

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