Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get pissed, smoke drugs, take 'P' and guess what!

‘I love you honey but I’m not staying---not until you get your shit together! I mean, look at you. All you care about is your next hit. The bills aren’t paid and our savings have gone. Our kids aren’t stupid. Do you really think they don’t know what you’re doing? Jesus man, can’t you see what you’re doing. James has gone. God knows where and your daughter is heading; the daughter who adores you. I can’t get anywhere near her latley. And then there’s me. I can’t take this anymore!’

Many families in many countries face the problem of parents who makes bad choices. Roskill explores the ramifications for a family when the dad becomes involved in the world of ‘P’ (Methamphetamine). The kids find their own way of coping, culminating in a dangerous situation for the daughter. The son heads out of the city in an attempt to escape the troubles his dad has brought on the family.
It is only when their mum digs deep and takes a brave, yet dangerous decision that there is a flicker of hope. Roskill is the book that every parent should read in order to understand the effects of their behaviours on their families and every teenager should read to see that there is hope.
Roskill is out now and available through my website or directly through me. www.authorneilcoleman.com   and neilcolemanauthor@gmail.com  

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