Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The King is most annoyed!

The King strutted about his court. He had sent his underlings away, such was his mood. The events of the last few weeks had sorely tried his patience. First it was his Defence Minister and then the Head of his security forces.
The King was frustrated by their behaviours. Surely they above the antics that he had been watching, and hearing; played out in the most public manner. The town crier was even taking part in disseminating the latest news and his palace officials were spending all of their spare time in spreading the stories.
How could the King trust his servants if their masters were involved in such public behaviours that could only bring the Royal Family to a position where the public would be laughing at him every time he ventured out into the city?
His Defence Minister had resigned of course (with a great deal of persuasion from the King himself) and the Head of Security was to follow soon. It was all about the rumours of an extremely ‘bad taste’ affair between the Minister and his publicist. The King had never been happy with that exalted position, believing that he alone should be the beneficiary of such functions. Nevertheless, he had gone along with the idea in an attempt to portray the ‘Crown’ as forward thinking and ‘modern.’
Now, the public were laughing, especially when they heard that the whole affair had been leaked by the wife of his Head of Security.’ It was all quite beyond the King. Now, he had to attend a conference in the neighbouring Kingdom, where the focus was already building on the strange and embarrassing state of affairs in his own Kingdom. It was enough to make the King consider abdicating. Where would that leave his people?

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