Friday, November 23, 2012

It seems that 'Talk To Me,' sort of became real today!

My heart missed a beat when I read about a beautiful 12 year old Jack Russell, called Poppy, was dognapped  and the creep that took it demanded a $30 ransom. It was also apparent that the guy turned up at the Homai Train Station with his kids in tow and that he was TEACHING THEM THAT THIS WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!
What hope does the next generation have if this is the low down sort of morals that parents will teach their kids? Surely the right thing to do was to ring the number on the collar, return the dog and if a reward is forthcoming, well and good, but to put someone and a dog through his low thought processes is sad and the example he is passing on to his kids is even more worrying.
I am sure the loving owner would have rewarded him anyway.
Naturally I got a bit uptight reading this report because it was a bit close to home re the plot in my book, ‘Talk To Me.’ Check it out—
I wish the guy could have the same treatment as that served in my book!

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