Friday, November 23, 2012

Democracy is just a dirty word!--if you live in the Middle East

President Morsi is showing his true colours----So much for the ‘Arab Spring,’ and the hope that it brought to millions of people in the nations of the Middle East and North Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood are just another fanatical fundamentalist group that has only one goal—the establishment of Islamic Republics across the region.
For all of those many thousands of demonstrators who came out into the square in Cairo---my heart goes out to you. Once again you are spilling your blood in order to have a brighter future for your children; one not chosen for you by bearded clerics. Most people in most countries have similar aspirations for their families. Yours have once again been cut short by this new Pharaoh-like man. How can he be so ignorant or should I say--- maybe he is finally fessing up and showing us his true colours. I just pray that we don’t have another Iran rising to the East of that country. Maybe the new Pharaoh will become friends with his mate the Czar in Russia.
 All power to the brave, real people of Egypt!

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