Friday, October 5, 2012

Into the great unknown! You have to spend to gain?

I took a huge step today. In order to market my books I have paid to have my LinkedIn page to be advertised. I almost shook as I pushed the final button. Entrusting my credit card with what I hope is a set amount for advertising comes at a price for me. Having had a few difficult experiences in the past re my publishing, this step was in the ‘very hard basket for me.’

However, I know that if I don’t do this and go out on a limb I shall remain in ‘limbo,’ whether my books are good or bad. The ups and downs of self-publishing are indeed scary.

My ultimate aim is for me to keep writing and to garner enough readers to make it worthwhile; that is to supplement my income to the point where retirement (in the not so distant future) is not one where I have to look at every cent I spend. I have also noticed that it keeps my brain alive. My ever suffering friends and family can attest to my ‘never shutting up,’ so at least if my utterings are on the pages of my books, they can shut the book without me knowing.

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