Friday, October 5, 2012

It is possible to feed a familly of six quite cheaply---

You just have to think, and if you grow some of your own greens, it is even cheaper. Grow your own Silver beet (Swiss Chard--it is easy to grow almost anywhere).
Here is a goodie.

Buy a cheap whole chicken and chop it into peices. (Why pay for somone else to cut it up?) It doesn't matter if it is not pretty. Cut two onions and carrots. Put them on the bottom of a slow cooker and then place the chopped chicken on top. For flavouring, add any Magi or Continental sache to the mix. If you want you can stick the chicken into a plastic bag first with the flavouring to premix it. Don't add water.
Now turn on the slow cooker---high for 5 hours or low for 8 plus hours. Cooking times do depend on the make of slow cooker you have. In NZ, they are really cheap on Trade Me.
Don't lift the lid until nealry ready. You can make a gravy by simply mixing corn flour and water then cook for anorther 20 minutes on high, but you may find that unessesary.
Serve with your home grown Silverbeet and either mashed plotatoes or rice.
You can prepare the slow cooker mix the night before and place in the fridge, then turn on when you go to work and come home to a ready cooked meal. The smell welcoming you home is enough to make you forget the crappy day.

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