Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We are going to see some strange 'bedfellows' over the Kim DotCom affair!

Imagine PM Key lined up with those opposing the misuse of ‘intellectual rights’ and Civil Liberties groups, which could include ‘Greenies, opponents of NZ’s involvement in Afghanistan, all supporting KIM Dotcom.
The whole crazy affair around the extradition of Kim Dotcom re his alleged transgressions is throwing together groups who would normally not give one another the time of day.
Think about some of the connotations: You may well have some fun with what is becoming a side how, taking away from more important issues. “What?!’ you say. What is more important than freedom on the internet? Well that depends on what role you play on the internet. I won’t progress with that in case I make unsubstantiated accusation.  
Look at John Key’s face lately. It has taken on a distinct look of—‘What the hell is happening here?’ It seems that real pressure is building on him. The question is being asked--- ‘How much has he or Bill English been influenced either by the USA Government or one of their agencies?’
This may be one of those affairs that build with time and myths become indistinguishable for fact. You get the feeling that something could break out at any moment and take on a life of its own. That is the ‘look’ that the two gentlemen have.
There are so many issues that relate to the Kim Dotcom (Bugger--- I keep spelling the name wrong) affair: Our rights to unfettered access to the internet, the question of ‘who we allow into our country’---not just the rich) and how much are we being watched or spied upon by our own Government?
Perhaps we owe Kim (let’s just call him that because I am writing heaps about him lately) a debt of gratitude, because he has brought to our attention some major issues. It is up to you to decide whether I really mean that.
Don’t be surprised if you see these strange bed fellows. Anything is possible on the Net after all. Perhaps we are just imagining all of this and it is al la world of Avatars.

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