Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The KimDotcom saga continues!

I am annoyed about how much useless energy is going into the on-going debate about Kim Dotcom (Hell, I’m probably feeding it too!). At a time when we should be trying to get our economy on a better footing, we are assailed each day about the goings on of this man and how he says he is challenging the Government re ‘our collective’ freedom.
That is all a smokescreen for some possibly serious actions on his part. He is appealing to our sense of fair play and constantly reminds us of the ‘threat from the security services of U.S.A and their links to our services. This is all to deflect the eye of the public from any alleged discretions on his part, both in the past and present.
He pays an emotional game with us and I am very uncomfortable. True, in NZ one is not guilty until proven so, but there is something ‘rotten in the state of NZ.’
He has highlighted some of the amateurish ways our Government has handled the whole affair and we possibly should be thanking him for that. A bit contradictory, you say on my part. Yeah well, that is one of the many ramifications his actions have thrown up--- we are all over the place in how we see his shenanigans.
What a bloody time wasting expensive affair, or as Mrs Brown would say---‘What a fecken load of shite!’

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