Saturday, September 29, 2012

Libya--there is hope that you will get it right.

The events in the Middle East over the last years or so have left me feeling that the countries in the area are in for a torrid time. Whilst I still hold to that feeling, I have been encouraged by the reaction of many Libyans, particularly those in Benghazi, who took it upon themselves to bring down some of the out-of-control militia groups.
It was these groups who have been blamed for the attack on the American Consulate, resulting in the death of the Ambassador. That the public reacted by taking matters into their own hands and the subsequent limited success of the Government to get unsanctioned groups to hand over their guns and other military hardware is encouraging for the future of this country.
If the moderates can win this struggle, then Libya will succeed in joining the community of nations who want peace for their people. If only the remainder of the region could embark on the same pathway. I remain a little cynical that this will happen, especially with the increasingly dangerous situation of Iran developing nuclear weapons and Israel’s possible response.

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