Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't---oh damn! What will they think of us, Perdy?

It was a beautiful day down at the Bay. Everything was as it should be; the sun was making a lengthy appearance, the wind was just so so, the All Blacks had won; quite easily actually, and I felt great, knowing that I had two weeks holiday.
Perdy was in a spring-like mood. You can always tell when she’s happy; she has this extra bounce in her step, more like one of those Western Highland Terriers. You know---they bounce, giving them a ‘dolphinesque’ or Jack-in-the-box-like look.
We met up with some of our friends, and I mean friends, because the dogs and the humans like one another. We set off around the Bay, letting the dogs do their thing; which equates to sniffing, running, stealing the orange balls off one another, trying to roll in unmentionable stuff and generally making friends with all and sundry. Of course not all and sundry feel the same way.
That became apparent at the end of the walk. I forgot to mention that when we pulled into the park, we had noticed a group of people at the entrance to the playground sitting with their dogs. They seemed to be listening to a 'knowledgeable person.' Well, it looked that way from the driver’s seat. I thought—‘must be a doggie club—maybe I should ask them later.’
While we were sitting on the log railings letting our beasties engage in last minuet frolicking, we observed the doggie club ‘peoples,’ walking ‘oh so sedately,’ with their dogs walking placidly beside them, completely ignoring those of us who let our dogs----well, just play.
Perdy was doing that twisting endearing thing with her head as if to say, ‘WTH are you lot doing? Don’t you want to play?’ Another distinguishing feature of the said doggies was that they were all ‘larger dogs,’ Perdy’s favourite type. She loves to rush up, sniff and invite the doggies to chase her. The resulting bedlam is enough to have most of us plebeian dog owners giggle and smile.
I let Perdy off, thinking that with my two mates with me; I should have no trouble ‘capturing her later.’ Of course, once off, Perdy headed straight for the ‘pack.’ The owners of the well-behaved, obedient doggies were not impressed as Perdy strutted her stuff. She had even taken her little orange ball to share. One of the dogs, a large Retriever, immediately decided that ‘enough is enough.’ She somehow slipped her lead and rushed off after Perdy, who jigged and jived; stopping like a Harrier Hawke jet, and then launched herself at the larger dog, that had overshot Perdy.  From that moment the bedlam spread and all of the hard work put in by the owners of the ‘well-behaved doggies’ went to custard.
Were the owners amused? Hell no. They tried to bring their dogs to heal while doing their best to chase Perdy away. My pleas for her to return just exacerbated things as the owners cast steely glances that were clearly aimed at me. It was definitely not the time to ask if I could join their club.
Luckily, one of my friends had a particularly attractive ‘treat’ and Perdy decided that perhaps not everyone in this world loved her. She actually came and allowed herself to be ‘captured.’ Did I tell her off? That’s over to you to work out, just as you need to take this story with a bit of doubt.

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