Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bitch!--- NO, you're a bitch and I'm gonna get ya!

Perdy ('Spot,' from Talk To Me) and Jasmine.

So it’s the holidays and it’s raining. Is this how it’s going to be eh? Can’t you go to the movies or something, or do I have to entertain you every minute of the day. Oh I know, you can go to one of Lisa’s Zimba classes for mad cats and dogs, or perhaps I can get you onto NZGT as a last minute entry.
Yes, that’s it. Jasmine can chase the ‘uncatchable’ Perdy and Perdy can look at the judges--- that’ll work. Well, it does on me---that bloody twisting of the head thing. What Perdy wants, Perdy gets.
Now, one of you has to give way. The cat/dog door is for one at a time. Get it! Oh, you don’t? You’re acting like animals---oops, sorry. Oh well, too bad about the rain. If I take you down to the Bay, will you behave, Perdy?
‘Come on Neily---I’m a Jack Russell, not a boring—‘
‘Don’t say it Perdy!
See what I mean---oh for them going back to school!

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