Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get this 'legal' crap off the market!

Young people (and others) will always take risks and push the boundaries, but when a so-called ‘legal’ substance is able to be purchased and then cause real damage, and then we need to take action. I am referring to the young woman who claims she was ‘possessed’ after partaking in a session of K2, a substance that is apparently available from various outlets.
It has been my belief that Mr Dunne succeeded in banning these synthetic cannabis substances from sale until they sellers had proven that they are harmless. What the hell is K2 doing on the shelves of our local convenience shops (We call them dairies in NZ)? I have heard from the young people I work with that some dairies just have it hidden from view.
It is time that the police used decoys to catch the low-life scum who make a living lout of these substances. I say, that if we k now that K2 is being sold, that we inform the police and get some damned heavy fines imposed on the sellers, whoever they are. If that means closing down a few outlets, then so be it. The very least we can do is ask that a license to operate be frozen for a while and a fine imposed.
It wouldn’t take much to find the creeps who knowingly sell this crap. The physical and mental health of our young people is far more important than the right of someone to make money.

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