Monday, September 3, 2012

I shall be watching RT (Russian TV) to see how----

I want to get a handle on what is happening in Russia re the position of The Russian Orthodox Church and Putin’s Government. Are we witnessing something that looks like an ‘unholy alliance’ between Church and State, or is it that I am watching Western sourced TV news reports that are not telling us the full story? Come on Russian readers--- tell us what is happening. ‘If you can’t, then I assume that you are frightened to express your opinion online. It is not a ‘brave new world’ after all. Tell me I am wrong.
We have seen other countries where the religious parties are basically in control. I would not have believed that possible in Russia. What a turnaround from the old Soviet Union.
MMM—it seems that power corrupts and that sometimes strange bedfellows are the order of the day in order to maintain power.
What say you my Russian friends?

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