Monday, September 3, 2012

Asset sales--- where to from here?

John Key looked decidedly uncomfortable as he fronted the cameras on TV last night. No amount of posturing could camouflage the fact THAT HIS Government has at least suffered a reversal in his plans to partially sell off State Assets.
There has been a good deal of opposition to his plans but it finally took the actions of the NZ Maori Council to slow down the process. JK says that he needs time to ‘consult’ with Iwi but the fact remains that now he is in a position whereby he may be trying to sell assets in election year.
All this means that the opposition to the sales process can now gather its forces and forge alliances between like-minded ‘end-result’ groups to stop the process altogether.
One way to go will be to acquire enough signatures to force a ‘non-binding’ referendum. That needs to get a move on because we want it before the 2014 election. If the result of the referendum clearly portrays a high level of opposition to the sales, then no government can comfortably proceed without ‘electoral fall-out.’
Now is the time to build momentum and to keep the pressure on. That is when the cracks will appear (read Peter Dunne) and the ship will sink.
Maybe there’s hope yet. Keep these State Assets. My Granddad would be turning in his grave.

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