Friday, August 3, 2012

Someone please help me 'airbrush' my photo!

Yes, if it’s good enough for our former ‘dear leader,’ Helen Clark to have her ‘portrait’ airbrushed then it is only right that I should consider the same treatment, for the picture of me on the back of my books.
I should of course go for the full treatment; a full body airbrush, showing off my muscular body and extreme physique. Just imagine my readers’ drooling over the said pictures of me in my trusty speedos. It would take the focus away from my stories and probably have me on YouTube. Oh to reach such vaunted heights—to have my self fully exposed for the entire world to see. Those of you who know me how ‘true’ such pictures would be--- they would represent the----real? ---me.
Come on whoever wrote the bit in the NZ Herald about dear Helen having such a picture, although I have to say that it wasn’t the full-version I was proposing for myself. I have to admit, she did look rather pretty in the 2008 election campaign.  Most NZers didn’t get their tits d in as tangle over that, so why should they with this latest effort. Who gives a stuff about the whole issue--- if you do--- join me with your ‘airbrushed personality’ and picture on the back of my books--- you can be an ‘airbrushed fan!’

Oh===== I’m not actually proposing any pictures of me---so don’t worry. There will be some of Perdy but she doesn’t need airbrushing.

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