Friday, August 3, 2012

It's OK Aussie--- you will get more gold medals than NZ--- just dont be so---

For God’s sake stop being so bloody precious mate(s). It’s only about bloody games. So up until this morning (Saturday NZ had more gold medals than Aussie. You are very quick to put NZ down and I suspect you hate it when you wake up to the news you have seen today. That the Sydney Morning Herald stopped the medal table at ranking 9 because you didn’t want to make it clear about NZ’s wonderful achievement speaks a lot about how you see us. Get over it and think about the connections between our two nations that really matter; like how we are both ‘there’ for one another when it really counts; like in war times and in times of disaster.
We will never forget the images of Aussie relief workers coming to our aid after the terrible Christchurch earthquakes; just like we were there for you after and during your disastrous fires.
 This will always be so.
I suppose the rivalry on the sport field is symbolic of no more than ‘sibling rivalry’ so let’s get on with the important things eh mate.
Hugs to you all. No sheep jokes too--- because--- haven’t you heard---like you, we have far less to go around now. It seems that we have both moved away from the ‘purely’ agricultural.

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