Friday, August 3, 2012

China's leaders come in for criticism from one of their own.

It was most interesting to see one of the leading elite of the Communist Party of China criticising some of his compatriots for their ‘high living and selfishness.’ What a blast from the past---possibly a refreshing one, given the poor working conditions for millions of his subjects (oops—citizens). There is no doubt that many Chinese are benefiting from the huge economic growth of China and that those we say are living in less than comfortable conditions say themselves that they prefer that to what they left behind in the countryside.
It would be wrong of me to go on about lack of freedom and rights or choice in China, without taking into account the advances made by and for the people of China. They have made gains and the vast middle-classes will fuel many more. Once people’s basic needs are met, they aim for other higher ideals, around the ‘environment and freedom of choice. Now that this progress is obvious, the steam that has been built up for change is unstoppable in the long run.
Now that I read about the comments made by the illustrious leader, I wonder if he has a secret desire to return to times of old, whereby the Communists party line was law and woe betide anyone challenging its ‘privileged’ position. Hang on---- isn’t that what he is saying about his colleagues? Watch this space.
Hey China--- You are doing really well at the Olympics!

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