Sunday, August 12, 2012

James Cook High School in South Auckland has a secret!

All too often the schools of South Auckland get bad press. This is regularly way off the mark and written by people who usually pass by on the motorway heading South. If they looked a little closer or listened to grass roots, then they may well discover a little gem of a secret.
One such school will no longer be able to keep secret that it has one of the best ‘girls’ rugby teams in the country. What started as a ramshackle bunch of good natured young women just trying to have fun has turned into a serious challenge to be one of the top teams in the north Island.
This group of young women have taken on the best and refused to lay down in defeat. They have probably surprised themselves; they give their all, take the hits and bounce right back up. So far in a series of ‘stepped-up’ games, each one at a higher level, they have met the challenge and pulled off victories. Their latest escapade had them hosting the highly ranked team from Rotorua Girls High and once again, they came up trumps.
 Now, after they have rested and returned to a ‘non-injury state,’ they head to the National Champs in Fielding in September. Money is short and no doubt they will take short cuts re costs, but they are determined to get there. A little help for them would go a long way. These girls have gained hugely from their successes. Their self-esteem has taken a grand jump, something that can help them in so many other areas of their lives.
Perhaps someone out there can send this on to the ‘press’ who more often than not ignore the good things about South Auckland
 Well done girls and your hard working coaches and managers. The school? --- James Cook High of course!

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