Sunday, August 12, 2012

Call them what you like, but label them 'evil and dangerous.'

The report in Today’s Herald about synthetic cannabis being sold as ‘Tai High’ at a dairy before the substance was banned begs the question about how far we should go in putting a complete stop on the sale of these insidious products. The Government has acted and it feels like they are getting a handle on things.
We must ask the question though about why dairies have been allowed to sell these items, often to ‘at risk groups.’ In my view any substance fed into a young teenager, at such a crucial time in their physical and psychological development is like pouring poison onto a growing plant, in this case a developing young person. The results are unpredictable at best and totally damaging in the worst case scenarios.
Diaries should never have been allowed to be points of sale and if there needs to be a law change to prevent them selling this whole range of products, then please let us have that law change.
The reports from Oamaru today definitely lend weight to that argument. Come on MR Dunne--- you have done damn well on this issue--- step up again and tighten up the regulations. You won’t lose votes; you can only gain respect. Keep our kids safe.

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